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Chinese Languages

Our Professional Chinese translators are qualified to provide you a neutral Chinese or a district-targeted Chinese translations. The following varieties are available in our district-targeted Chinese translation services. Main varieties Mandarin Translation: 850 million speakers (a.k.a. “Simplified Chinese” and “Modern Chinese”) Cantonese Translation: 80 million speakers (a.k.a. “Traditional Chinese” and …

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Chinese Certified Translation

Our Chinese certified translators produce certified legal translations to be used by Law Firms and Corporations in any legal case including Commercial Law, International Law, Litigation, Immigration, etc. Our legal translation is guaranteed to be 100% accepted by any US Department, Government, Court, Employers, Law Firms, Universities, etc. Our Chinese …

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Chinese Technical Translation

At BB Mandarin we treat technical translation very seriously. We believe that a technical translation must be perfect whether the subject is an aircraft, construction, agriculture or any other specialty field. This is the reason why we use only certified translators who have a proven track record and solid technical …

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