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Chinese desktop publishing services will help you localize your website or publication for those customers whose first language is Chinese. This will benefit your business immensely especially if your target audience comprises of Chinese citizens. If not, localization of your website or publication can help to reach more customers and that is the reason why multilingual desktop publishing has become more popular. Chinese desktop publishing services use expert software developers, who have worked with HTML and associated coding. They are very capable in handling complex Chinese desktop publishing.

Most Chinese desktop publishers are well versed with institutions, attitudes, cultures and practices in China which can assure the client that they are presented with a target-sensitive website. The customer viewing such a website will feel as if the site was designed specifically for him or her.

Basic method of localization of a document, publication or website would be as follows:

1) The object to be localized will be analyzed to identify pages, graphics, links, etc. Using a special software word count is obtained so as to eliminate unimportant elements.

2) Next the Chinese desktop publishing services would analyze the client’s objective for localization. This step involves target audience, cultural and language requirements and what changes have to be made to suit the Chinese market.

3) After understanding client requirements the publishers will translate and alter the matter. The actual translation process takes place only after the original content is analyzed and task scheduling is completed. Project managers coordinate activities and keep the client informed on advancements or any obstacles that may have occurred. Chinese characters are difficult to work on and some content may require many translators. In order maintain uniformity, in this case translation memory tools are used. Proof reading and editing is a part of quality control and is conducted at this stage by most providers of Chinese desktop publishing services.

4) Altering illustration and graphic elements of the client’s document is also important. Obviously if the language of the content changes, the region it directs towards also changes. In such cases one cannot have American pictures for Chinese customers. Chinese desktop publishing services provide new illustrations, graphic elements, and animations. Once the visuals are changed, image mapping is also recreated by them while designing a website.

5) And lastly the content is assembled and checked to ensure no errors are made and the client is satisfied.

Some comparative aspects about printing a book in the US or in Chinese countries

  • Measures in Chinese countries follow the International Standards. This means measures in centimeters, millimeters and kilograms
  • Printing cost is much cheaper in China. China provides incentives for its printers to acquire state of the art printing machinery from the US and Japan. Chinese countries has access to lower prices for paper.

We guarantee the best in price, quality and speedy delivery for accurate Chinese translation, localization, and book publishing & printing. Our professionals are Chinese native linguists with up-to-date knowledge of fields such as IT, business, government, engineering, telecom and law.

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Chinese DTP services for specific language publishing

Chinese DTP services are provided are usually under the guidance of professionals specializing in the language.  Such professionals are well versed with typesetting Chinese documents and also have a range of skills like graphic design, printing and binding.

It is imperative to have the right Chinese DTP talents because it is a specialized field that requires different skill sets in addition to translation. Therefore usually Chinese DTP services use professionals experienced in DTP as well as typesetting with special language background. Whether it is business cards, reports, or brochures experienced typesetting professionals produce excellent and accurate documents in Chinese language. Typesetting involves arrangement of textual material in graphic form which includes headings, captions, and other pieces of text in a page on paper or any other media. There are various resources required for handling multilingual desktop publishing of XML, SGML and other documents for local operating systems and applications in simplified and traditional Chinese.

Typesetters at Chinese DTP services are skilled in using various DTP tools including FrameMaker, PageMaker, Indesign, Photoshop, QuarkXpress, Freehand, Corel Draw, Illustrator, or Ms Word.

Middle Eastern languages and Asian languages like Chinese are a lot more complex to typeset than other languages. Chinese DTP services cannot be provided using English typesetting tools, they need fonts and tools needed to typeset specifically in Chinese. Nowadays, simplified Chinese is used in almost all Chinese publications in which text is printed from left to right with occasional diversion when some changes in layout are required

Chinese DTP services can be used for marketing documents that will be delivered in Chinese.  In cases where materials published need to be used in China; Chinese DTP services may also come with film and color proof service, which will make sure that the text is 100% accurate. Approval of client and other specific requirements can be met in such cases.  In you want to print the documents the best machinery and experienced operators are also available. Professional staff will make sure that the documents are produced with highest quality in text, paper, and color as per client requirements.

Few Chinese DTP services also provide distribution so that you are free from the task of distributing multiple copies over a large area. An easy option is to choose such a Chinese DTP service provider that is also known for its translation services. You can then ensure that you are getting the best quality Chinese DTP services along with accuracy of language.

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