Chinese Certified Translation

Our Chinese certified translators produce certified legal translations to be used by Law Firms and Corporations in any legal case including Commercial Law, International Law, Litigation, Immigration, etc. Our legal translation is guaranteed to be 100% accepted by any US Department, Government, Court, Employers, Law Firms, Universities, etc.

Our Chinese to English and English to Chinese legal translation service has been used by major Law Firms in the US and in Europe. References are available upon request.

Certified Translation for Individuals

Our Chinese certified translators produce certified translations to be used in immigration, legal, college and other official situations.

Our Chinese to English and English to Chinese certified translation service is for the official translation of documents that have to be presented to official authorities for legal purposes in the USA, China or other countries. Some common uses of our certified translations include:

  • Birth Certificate Translation
  • Marriage Certificates Translation
  • Judgment and Wills Translation
  • Academic Degrees and Diplomas Translation
  • Adoption Papers Translation
  • Immigration Documents Translation
  • Other Family Documents Translation
  • Other Legal Documents Translation

Our Certified translations are an exact translation of the source and always include a clause from the certifier together with the company seal affixed, certified by the translator’s signature, in order to be accepted by courts, Immigration and other authorities.

Your documents are translated and checked by our certified translators with legal background. We can carry out all relevant formalities so that your documents can be produced in court proceedings here in the USA, in Europe, in China and other countries.

Our certified translation includes

  • Professional certified translator signature
  • Company stamp confirming this is a certified translation
  • Company iron over a golden seal on the paper
  • Translator contact information

Notary Public Service available

Some certified translations need to be public notarized as well. BB Mandarin offers a New Yorker Public Notarization valid in all US states. Please let us know you need this extra service when asking for your quote.

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