Chinese Languages

Our Professional Chinese translators are qualified to provide you a neutral Chinese or a district-targeted Chinese translations. The following varieties are available in our district-targeted Chinese translation services.

Main varieties

Other varieties

  • Wu (includes Shanghainese): 90 million speakers

  • Min (includes Taiwanese): 50 million speakers

  • Xiang: 35 million speakers

  • Hakka: 35 million speakers

  • Gan: 20 million speakers

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Raising the Bar for Chinese Translation Services

Let’s be honest, there are many Chinese translation services out there – what makes BB Mandarin the best one?  Three things: specialized expertise, thoroughness, and precise results.  Your professional reputation is in good hands with BB Mandarin.  No matter what your district-target may be, we have proficient linguists in Mandarin, Cantonese, Wu, Xiang, Min, Hakka, and Gan.  Our linguists within each dialect are among the best and brightest in the field.  Our passion has always been producing the best Chinese translation results for our clients, and that is something that will never get lost in translation.

Chinese Translation from BB Mandarin the Professional’s Choice

In today’s business climate, there are many niches within each profession.  Each niche serves a different purpose within that industry.  Therefore, if you’re looking to meet particular needs you have to find a particular niche.  It’s like this:  your car runs on diesel gasoline and you need to fill up the tank soon, but the nearest gas station to you doesn’t have diesel.  Do you fill it up with regular instead?  Of course not, because it would ultimately be very harmful to your car.  Translation services are no different, especially Chinese translation. Since the dawn of the 21st century, China’s soaring economy has attracted investors with diverse professions from all over the globe.  Specialized professions looking to conduct business with Chinese companies – whether in business, medicine, law, or finance – all need a technically proficient translation service.  It’s one thing to pay for a mediocre service to help you translate on vacation, but where your professional interests are involved you need the help of district-targeted specialists.  At BB Mandarin, we have a passionate team of highly skilled technical translators, editors, project managers, and other linguists.  Our Chinese translation services are among the most up-to-date in the field.  No matter the complexity, size, or budget of your project, we at BB Mandarin promise to make your professional goals a whole lot easier.

Precise Results from a Superb Team of Linguists

Chinese translation is difficult from any language, but especially for those English and the romance languages all in which utilize the Latin alphabet.  Chinese doesn’t have an alphabet, but rather a system of intricate symbols to represent different concepts.  Just imagine how complex mediating between these languages becomes when you’re dealing with obscure terminology and professional jargon.  Logically, it requires some serious mastery of both languages, and even then there is room for error.  BB Mandarin thrives on the challenge of Chinese translation.  Our translators are selected through an arduous examination process which ensures their commitment to and virtuosity in the language.  Furthermore, each individual Chinese translation project is hand-crafted and carefully monitored from start to finish.  Project managers and proofreaders oversea each step of the way in order to make sure you receive the most precise translation possible.  Its measures like these that distinguish BB Mandarin from the competition.  Our meticulous devotion to each project, no matter how big or small, produces the results on which we’ve come to pride ourselves.